Théo Dammaretz

An international software engineer

About me

Hello everybody ! I am a french engineer from the Grenoble Institute of Technologies. I am a programmer currently living in Moscow. I am profesional, team-friendly and keeping up with the latest internet trends.

If you have any problems concerning programming, don't hesitate to take a look below and contact me.


My expertise

Technology has come a long way and embedded, intelligent system are now everywhere. From electronics and micrcontrolers to web and object-oriented software, my skills allow me tinker with a lot of fields. Add on top of that my hobbies of PC modding, designing and DIY culture, and you find yourself with a flexible and profesionnal programmer.

My experience expand over multiple fields. From developping an embedded system to monitor solar panel powerplants to doing research on simulating DNA nanostructure through Unity Game engine, I always was interested and able to adapt to a lot of spheres. I am consistantly trying to expand my knowledge and experstise. If you have need help for an exciting project, feel free to contact me via my contact informations below.


Graphic engines - Programming DNA simulation with Unity 3D


Moscow, Russia

+7 916 759-11-85